History is made

When I made ballot access in Arizona this year (28 May, 2014 to be exact) running as Governor (http://jlmealer.com), it became an historical event.

Not because I am on the ballot, but due to the fact that I am an Independent Constitutionalist running under an abandoned ballot access called Americans Elect. I created a committee called Americans Elect of Arizona and defied both the major parties and the Americans Elect originators when I made the move.

We’ll see what type of lawsuits come out of it.

So far, the mainstream media “news” is not reporting this seriously ground breaking event that will inevitably have both national and worldwide impact. My hard stance against human trafficking is already causing a stir, while ruffling some serious feathers of the slavers. I will explain the breadth of the human slavery and sex trafficking epidemic, my solutions and the only way we can save our families and the sanctity of mankind against such an atrocity.

Oddly, everyone with a vengeance plus their imaginary pals are coming out of the woodwork to create stories and such about my personal life. I actually know some of these people! Others are complete and utter strangers.

Did I make the right move to run for Arizona governor in this manner?

I certainly hope so. My plan is to end corruption and fix this broken system while creating a sense of pride and integrity to Arizona and all of America. My plans are a no-nonsense approach to making the economy work as I remove special interests and bribery. You can read about the Mealer Initiative 2014 when I update the next edition.

I can type this lighthearted at the moment because of the immediate bombardment of attacks and the humor of it all. It’s so ludicrous it is laughable. There are no current claims that I fathered a Sasquatch child or secretly work for Jimmy Hoffa… But the campaign is young.

For the record, I have neither fathered a Sasquatch baby and in fact have never seen a Sasquatch, and uh… last I heard, Jimmy Hoffa was dead. Elvis told me so.

In future posts, I will tell you some history on Lady Rothschild and her work for the original Americans Elect and my plans after I stole their ballot access here in Arizona. I don’t know the Rothschilds. Have never met them, but I had worked with Americans Elect a few times in 2011-2012. They seemed like a decent group of people, but my goals for Arizona and America differ from their own and I take a direct approach to reinvigorating Arizona and the rest of our union.

Do I think I have a chance to win this election?

Of course I do. I can name multiple groups with thousands of backers who also support me. It’s all about timing and the time is right.

Till next update, stay safe.

JL Mealer





One thought on “History is made

  1. Good to hear from you. I have not seen you on TJ for a long time. Hang in there!

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