Arizona Industry and Mealer

Hello friends,

Just a quick note that I want to share about my past and my campaign for Arizona governor.

First- A funny thing happened on my way to run for governor- I am the only candidate who was asked by the Secretary of State to provide them with a letter stating that my connections with industry (clean industry at that) cannot be used to promote my campaign. What does that tell you?

Over the last 25 years I have been trying to fund the Mealer Automobile and have met with many investors and large industry leaders. This has created some strong bonds and a very unique overview of Arizona’s fragile eco-system. I have scouted most of the state for locations for all types of industry, ranging from farms to automobile manufacturing plants to theme parks and one million acres of industrial hemp and other types of agriculture. Preliminary impact studies have been completed in most locations and I truly believe that I can bring Arizona to life by creating an interlink with new industry, our environment and Arizona’s workforce and proper education with an actual funding source.

The problem over the past 25 years is the same as the past 102 years in Arizona. Corruption and pay-to-play politics from both major political parties elected officials. I can and will end this once elected as governor, because they have committed gross acts of fraud simply to appease their special interest handlers. [I’ll cover this in another blog].

With plans paid by these industry leaders (if they are allowed to put Arizona to work) to provide a water supply structure for California and even Mexico to use their own water sources, Arizona can use more of the Colorado River water we are allotted. To be honest, our water is mismanaged as it is and we are not utilizing the full allotment of water per our treaty and contract regarding the Colorado River. Meaning, we bake our cake and eat it too.

I expect Arizona to become the leading producer of meats, agriculture and dairy products as well as the epicenter of biomedical cannabis research, treatment and medicinal product manufacturing. AZMAD is the Arizona Meat and Agriculture Department… But that is left for yet another blog.

Arizona, put me in office and we are on our way to being ranked Number One in all things states actually enjoy being ranked Number One in. Currently, the D’s and R’s have placed us at rock bottom.

We want our Liberty back. We’re not asking.

Once in a century, something so critical happens, so important to this state and our nation, that ideals must be set aside. One must remove their gloves, step into the arena with clenched fists. That time is now. We have that opportunity.

For the first time ever, a state we know as Arizona currently has an Independent Constitutionalist on the governor’s ballot.

If you are a registered independent/not affiliated with any political party and are on the Permanent Early Voting List (PEVL), please be aware that you will not automatically receive a ballot for the primary election. You must request the ballot you wish to receive. Please contact your county recorder and request an Americans Elect (AEL) ballot.

If you are one of those brave souls going to the polls on August 26th, you can also request an Americans Elect (AEL) ballot!

Cast your vote for John Lewis Mealer and show your support for our campaign as he heads into the general election. Let’s send a message to Arizona: “We want our Liberty back. We’re not asking!”



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