The key to Arizona’s future…

One thing the other gubernatorial candidates are over-looking in their grand scheme of “running the state” is water.

Sure, they like to repeat the typical storyline of how they can conserve water or force higher prices to corporations for water and/or believe it or not… I’ve heard one of the candidates speak of “it will rain, the drought will end”. Yes, it will end and it will rain, but what if it doesn’t? What if the water is never fully replenished with the global climate change going on?

The climate could turn Arizona into a jungle with a foot of rain a week for all we know. Climatologists are like doctors and still “practicing” their skills. I suppose that’s better than nothing, but we need to have a direct and engaged plan of action.

As it is, Arizona is not using all of the water allotted to us from the Colorado River and as such, we are giving it to California, Nevada and Mexico, where it ultimately runs into the sea.

My plan involves the many industries who want to move into our Great State but have been blocked for decades by those ever so infamous pay-to-play politicians. These groups expect to increase Arizona’s viability to such a degree that they are willing to build (on their own dime) and maintain (on their own dime) sea water desalinization plants in Mexico and California and even pipe or canal much of that clean water to Nevada.

These groups will do this so that Arizona can take an even larger share of water from the Colorado River and we can use it across our state as well as in the rich farmlands which are now dying off due to federal government regulations.

We also have plans for a new crop that will drastically change the viability of Arizona as a major industrial (clean industry, of course) state. Industrial Hemp with kenaf and all of the products and oils which can be produced from them. We’re on a winning streak, but we need to rearrange the current blockade of Arizona land use and make this happen.

That is my goal and one I hope the voters of Arizona will back me in.

JL Mealer



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