I-11 Human Trafficking Corridor or NAFTA Superhighway

QUICK NOTE: Fair trade is a great thing. Free Trade is evil and panders to special interest groups and the law makers who voted it in are always making money from their activity. Just the same, we need fair trade and trade with Mexico and Canada are important… Human Trafficking is another problem altogether.

Through the center of Arizona…. We have a major problem going on and it’s not a drought.

If you download this map  TPC_2010-04-21_Proposed-Interstate-11-Corridor-Map_91182 of the I-11 Corridor set to be built through Arizona, you should be able to clearly see why EVERY ARIZONA GOVERNOR (except for one past Az Governor who was impeached), all Arizona Congressmen and women plus every member of every city, county and local Arizona elected official over the past 15 years has allowed the corruption, drug and human trafficking to occur. They are prepared to perpetuate these crimes.

They have pushed for this atrocity to become reality.

They make every effort to convince their constituents that the I-11 highway —-which will will protected from Arizona law and enforcement provided only by federal/International law—— is good for Arizona while the federal government pushes it as a free trade agreement.

It is neither good for Arizona, nor for the USA and certainly not good for the population of trafficked people who be run up and down the I-11 Corridor. The illicit drug trade will run unfettered at the same time.

The majority of the route as it is proposed in this file was at one time or another looked over by various private money teams for projects offered to Arizona by a large group of investors.

Many of those investors worked hand in hand with John Mealer. Every single project was denied time after time…

The same people who have denied Mealer’s connections to investment groups to build Arizona are the same people who want this human and drug trafficking Global economy (no such thing exists) route to ‘rape’ the people of our Great State. These scum bags are setting up a safe haven and direct to Sin-City route that is supposed to be protected by federal law for human and drug trafficking.

Think carefully here. Arizona law will no longer apply once the I-11 Corridor is begun under the guise of a federal highway. The Bill of Rights will cease to exist and there will be little to no protection for children who are trafficked as sex slaves or servants from Latin America, through Mexico or Europe via the Sea of Cortez into Arizona en route across America and ultimately worldwide.

How will Governor Mealer block this criminal enterprise from becoming reality?

First, we will divert the “Interstate” planned roadway and turn it into a State Highway where we can protect the Arizona Citizenry to unjust and anti-Constitutional violations. This move will also allow Arizona to enforce human and drug trafficking laws that International law via NAFTA, GATT and TPP, et al., will protect if we do not fix this in 2014.

IE. Electing JL Mealer to the Governor’s Chair.

Arizona will construct an INTRA-state highway along the same route yet it will terminate in a strategic manner prior to the Hoover Dam Bypass.

Mealer has the private investors for this entire route and Arizona tax payers will not feel any increase in taxes for this or any other Arizona project.

Who knows Arizona better than an life-long Arizonan such as JL Mealer? No one.

We have a big fight on our hands if Mealer is not in the Governor’s chair to protect victims of violence and to put an end to human trafficking with out Great State.

We also expect to have the largest campaign ever to be  launched against a candidate (Mealer) for office due to the scope of those who will invent stories against Mealer due to their own illegal activity and International Crime.

Governor Mealer will destroy their plans and prevent the trilateral combination of the USA, MEXICO, CANADA via this roadway.

America will remain the US of A and this must begin and end in Arizona under a Governor Mealer’s watch in 2014.

Expect the worst. Expect the most insidious lies to come about regarding the Mealer family. Expect the absolute worst to happen to a man that will not bend, nor will he yield to such treacherous activity by such a vast group of people, corporations and by the very people we have trusted and have elected into office.

We must be committed to acts of creating additions to current laws and to consider these new criminal activities while we prohibit the transport of anything considered dangerous for Arizona highways, while also passing the Human Protection Act of Arizona. There will be ZERO human trafficking that makes it through Arizona or to allow any variations of human trafficking, sex slavery to exist within our state’s borders.

Human Trafficking is the NUMBER ONE CRIMINAL ACTIVITY in the world.

Human Trafficking is the largest money making activity in the world.

Human Trafficking is also a crime that allows the enforcement agency to seize all assets of both suspects and those individuals, groups and corporations who have been either charged with or arrested for the crime. Mealer expects to do just hat in Arizona and we will go to all lengths to go after those funds worldwide.

Arizona will seize all assets of all traffickers and use the funds/wealth to built rehabilitation centers throughout Arizona for those who have been trafficked. This includes any and every elected official who votes or pushes for the completion of the I-11.

The laws will be adjusted so that those who commit the crimes serve a very brief prison sentence before they are executed.



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