Mealer Initiatvie 2014 Omnibus Plan DETAILED BUSINESS EXPANSION!

Why must you put Mealer into office in 2014 as Arizona’s Governor?
Many reasons, but jobs growth, business expansion, and the longevity of our great State.

This is the Omnibus plan…. Makes sense if you step back and re-read what comes across as confusing.

Arizona is at a crossroads of economic survival, we cannot afford another four years of pay to play politics. We want our Liberty back and we’re not asking.

MEALER INITIATIVE 2014 from the beginning. OEISP Detailed
Numbers, figures and certain legal details have been omitted either for clarity, future government regulations or the simplicity of explaining the Mealer Initiative. The following has been shortened and every attempt has been made to keep this a readable document. The ‘hands on’ videos are much more clear and will be available soon.
This Initiative and economic plan has already been hailed as the perfect strategy and will receive public critical praise as this campaign continues.
I. An easy alternative for existing medium & small business, the OEISP:
As business plans and interaction with developers, venture capitalists, qualified private and group investors are met and the manufacturing base becomes limited, a new version of fairness must be met for existing businesses.
By bringing a variety of existing and willing businesses together under one funding roof, so to speak, their individual ventures are kept separate, yet combined via contract(s) under an Omnibus Equity Incentive Stock Plan (“OEISP”) and ultimately may be turned into a Wall Street traded company via Public Offering (“PO”) if so desired by the owner. This places the group of businesses into a trade worthy “commodity.”
Once combined, these businesses still act independent of each other, yet continue to prove their value as the OEISP is sold/traded to brokers and investors who in turn increase the value of the businesses through a commodity traded format, and the businesses individually share a percentage of the stock offerings and grow, which increases their individual business worth. This same style of trading has been done for years with barrels of oil, tons of sugar and coffee in a commodity chain that normally entails futures trading and thousands of support jobs that keep the market rolling. Not counting the Secondary & Tertiary economies and later the private business merger into a publicly traded company.
We know what happens when crude oil commodities and the greed of the traders run out of control. Everyone but the traders lose. If, by chance, while being traded, the OEISP were to ‘run out of control’ the brokers would make large amounts of wealth as would the traders yet, unlike the DOW or NASDAQ, the OEISP is designed to allow the individual businesses to benefit and expand while ‘increasing in real value’ versus ‘inflating in paper value’ as normal stocks, bonds and public companies do. When OEISP businesses increase and grow, more businesses and jobs are created both within and outside of the OEISP related entity. Everyone wins.
A. Compliance
These plans and this general outline are intended to comply with the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (“CFTC”), the SEC as well as the Arizona Corporation Commission and other regulating agencies and laws. When structured properly, a packaged business arrangement can be legally used as a derivative and openly traded. If not in technical terms, then in basic terms with qualified investors and regular Citizenry working through a broker. Meaning, the NY Stock Exchange and DOW need not be involved for function and compliance purposes. We beat them lawfully at their own game and give all states the same opportunity to copy Arizonan’s new treasure chest of growth. Further, because the Arizona government is not binding the contracts, it is solely up to the OEISP participants to decide whether to base their Commodity on Federal Reserve Notes which are federally taxable or on some other form of value.
B. Worst Case Scenario
IF each business of the OEISP failed and no other entrepreneur were willing to replace the business to continue, IF no other business were to buy-out a participating business because all of America’s work force became zombies (or simply unwilling to work) and IF this were to happen to every single business in one particular OEISP simultaneously, and IF chance would have it, ‘all businesses of the OEISP vanished’ – reasoning unknown and the contract is seemingly moot – the Traders are then left with a vacated OEISP *compare to a shelf-corporation which they may simply refill with several new businesses of their choosing and coaxing. Again, no real loss and no lag in value of the derivative. Participants, tax payers and the Arizona infrastructure all win even under the worst case scenario.
There is no ‘down’ or ‘sideways’ market to hinder the value as the OEISP is not part of the Options Market, but instead valuable, growing and working businesses.
This does not take into consideration the high value equity potential from patents and research that may come from certain styles of OEISP companies. Just like the NYSE & DOW, except with a safety net and legitimate growth.
C. Growth for new “OEISP” economists
I believe it is far better for the up and coming new secondary economy comprised of brokers and commodity traders and the buyers themselves, to make a sudden, prosperous living from the simple trading and juggling of these new Arizona styled stocks and bonds (as commodities), then to never exist. The support and maintenance of private businesses which in turn will create an even larger economy for those creatively involved within the small businesses that are traded as a viable classification of lucrative well run private enterprise will create an even larger base of new businesses. Meaning, beyond the business owners and employees, everyone from management and financial gurus to computer programmers and troubleshooters make a great living by working for the same goal, whether they are self-serving or not.
When an OEISP is used as a ‘valued derivatives contract’ and traded openly, it will out of necessity, create an additional tertiary (3rd ) economy of jobs to support it’s own existence. Arizona can now lay claim to designing and structuring the development of this new version of business oriented commodity and future derivatives trading as a lucrative job’s base in it’s Capitalism based economy. Capitalism funds free enterprise.
Again, it is solely up to the OEISP participants to decide whether to base their Commodity on Federal Reserve Notes which are federally taxable or on some other form of value.
D. Opting Out and Cashing In
When, or if, a small business owner decides to either retire or move on, they will have a more valuable business to sell, and their incentive to grow the business and hire even more employees increases their venture’s value. If the new business owner wishes to become independent of the “OEISP,” the vacant spot will be filled with another new business. No strings attached.
This will make for a great retirement for so many Arizonans who become involved in the OEISP and who have worked all of their life (or not at all) and do not have a pension plan or retirement account. It also covers bases for those of us who lost our 401K plans over the past decade.
Manifest destiny prescribes that not all of the children we are raising will grow up to be scientists, doctors, lawyers or politicians. Instead, most will be employees in various business trades, or as the business owners themselves, so a shortage of new ventures will never be an issue for an “OEISP.”
E. * Example “OEISP” business package as a derivative
An operating business, even one possibly suffering a stagnant season of cash paying customers, such as, “Grumpy Bagel Factory,” is placed with two (more or less) other restaurants and also with a hardware store “Lucky Hardware “and a struggling yet once promising building contracting firm “Dingo Joe Luxury Homes” and possibly a recycling business named “Dumpster Diver, Inc” which also manufactures sculptures from old tires and tin cans, who may also refurbish old electronics for resell, each of which also agrees to strive to meet the requirements of 5 to 20 employees, plus management. Each existing company consents to an Omnibus Agreement designed specifically and accordingly to the shares of profits viz past revenue, basic needs and general agreements between the parties. Thus, the “OEISP” is created, named and thrown into the market.

OEISP as a summary or OEISP project terms (simple combined micro/macro economics)-
1.-The OEISP program: The aforementioned contract between the multiple companies who form the commodity of their combined businesses.
2.-Each ‘private ‘business offers their projected Quarterly profits or use a rounded number and projects their financial Quarterly profit into the OEISP (whatever the private contract outlines).
3.- Rough Example: Five businesses place a total of 10,000 Shares equal to $10,000 ($1 per share) and this OEISP is placed into the Arizona trading industry. The rating of the Shares are the projected earnings from the individual business’ quarterly profits.
4.-Traders buy and sell these commodities/stocks: Prices naturally climb with each trade, compounding repeatedly during the quarterly cycle. Traders make their profits during the trades and we can safely project that over three months of heavy trading, on average, the value will increase by 1000%.
5.-The original $1000 per business at $1 per share can easily become $10 per share over the Quarter: $10,000 is given back to the business, minus their $1000 portion of the original $10,000 shares. That is 1000% profitability** minus the one-half percent State tax per trade.

**Again, it is solely up to the OEISP participants to decide whether to base their Commodity on Federal Reserve Notes which are federally taxable or on some other form of value and whether profit has been made at a federal tax level.
The traders/investors who keep their commodities at the end of the trading period, now own interest in this OEISP and as the businesses of OEISP re-invest their 1000% profits back into their business, the shares at $10 each grow to become valued at… perhaps $100 each and the process repeats itself.
Each dividend transaction is taxed at one half of one percent (One cent per for every two dollars) and the Arizona government makes a windfall. This would cut out Arizona income taxes after the first year.
Arizona’s ex-employed insurance agents or others who want to join the program, would be qualified as the stocks and bonds traders and instead of being out of work once the Mealer Care plan kicks in (See Pgs. 14-16) and most health insurance companies fall on the wayside. These ex-insurance agents will now make a very good living… In fact, a living that places them far about the top insurance agent and making much more than the Arizona governor will ever make.

II. Newly created businesses within the “OEISP” program:
As the economy grows and children become adults and/or the adults decide that they are finished with working for someone else and choose to begin their own business, the current Arizona Small Business Administration can utilize this same program to guide them to private funding for qualified ideas. “Qualified Ideas” simply mean [for example], someone such as Joe Mechanic would not suddenly decide that he wanted to open a Plastic Surgery Center and get to work cutting up new patients while hiring a few surgical and medical specialists to assist.
However, [for example] if Joe Mechanic were to strive to open the “Charitable Center For Reconstructive Surgery”*** to provide temporary housing for families while their loved ones are undergoing rehabilitative or life saving surgery that is connected to or in proximity to an affiliated group of medical specialists or surgeons who are willing to put forth their effort to open such a Center (whether for profit or not), this would fall under “Qualified Ideas.” Arizona law makers can define these terms in one page rules and regs.
Life-long culinary chefs do not become brain surgeons and brain surgeons do not become NFL linebackers simply because they can find private funding to open the OEISP connected business.
Otherwise, Qualified Ideas are limitless.
NOTE: ***Charitable connected projects are not only tax write-offs for the commodity brokers, buyers, lawyers, business owners and investors themselves, but a much needed part of all communities.
You may ask why I constantly suggest private investments over banking investments. The answer, pure and simple, is the Dodd-Frank Law that was passed to crush small entrepreneurs and small business.

III. Maturity of the new business ventures:
Covering concerns regarding the maturity of these new manufacturing businesses, retail, etc; Once they become highly productive and the owner(s) decide to move on and sell the success they have created, including the outlet stores and exporter or wholesale offices. The Mealer Initiative suggests an added and irresistible incentive of a tax break for profits from a future Public Offering.
The Tax rate on profits from a Public Offering under this program for state (or federal) tax purposes would ideally be reduced to 1% – 3%, provided the business venture has created and maintained the employment standards set forth as taxable employee pay averaging $35K-$70K per year at 200 employees spread throughout the entire company’s umbrella. This guarantee alone, offers enough incentive for the ‘big-money’ to select the Mealer Initiative and stick with it while providing great paying jobs, growing their businesses into branches of local state enterprises and merely maintaining dignity for themselves and their employees.
An OEISP business that leaves the OEISP and becomes publicly traded may still make a huge profit for the founding president acting as the CEO. This adds to the incentive to stick it out and grow the business rather than dumping it when the economy slows down.
My numbers are not arbitrary. The $70K-$140K put most families out of the mandatory welfare level or huge tax refundable category and allows most Arizona people/families to live comfortably while also allowing them to invest in a future.
Arizona can operate comfortably with the low OEISP taxes between one-half percent to 3% across the board with these ventures and have the greatest economic boom in the history of these united States of America.

IV. Taxation and Debt:
To homeowners and “Mom & Pop” stores, a few grand a year in property taxes is critical, yet to a new multimillion dollar mega-store or shopping mall or new large manufacturing business, the tens of thousands a year in taxes is inconsequential. Revenue from great paying jobs in sales tax and income tax is the key.
Again, it is solely up to the OEISP participants to decide whether to base their Commodity on Federal Reserve Notes which are federally taxable or on some other form of value.
No one in Arizona will need to go hungry, nor will they be treated unfairly in business while corrupt elected officials make laws (think Monsanto Chemical / Agriculture and such) to protect the giants while crushing the smaller businesses before we ever get a chance.
Mom and Pop stores who barely make overhead and decide not to enter a contracted OEISP can flourish and make ends meet as best as they can and benefit from whatever tax breaks are currently available. This is their choice, but in my opinion, a disservice to themselves, to the jobless and the working poor who might otherwise find a job within their stagnant company. The OEISP will quickly increase profits for any newly created, small or suffering business.
Grouping a business with an OEISP is, of course, 100% voluntary.
V. A quick boost for the owners of future job training facilities & property (IE. Vacant building owners):
With the many vacant buildings around the state it only makes sense that we (Arizona’s new business investor/developers) strike up a deal with the property owners -who are paying taxes on what will become total losses if no action is taken- to allow for new trainee classes for manufacturing and development training. The state and local government may even work with these property owners on public safety issues or better yet, property tax write-offs under the guise of contribution and/or charitable efforts for education, internships and jobs training related facilities. Property owners may also become part of the new business ownership according to whatever agreement is met with the financiers and developers. There seems to be no limit as to statewide location or personal options.
The State may affordably push the incentive higher by offering up to a 10% return on the initial total amount invested for jobs training as rebates. These 10% annual refunds may be added to the current valuation of the premises (for owners) AND for the new venture’s employee preparation up to the point that the paid hands-on manufacturing-training may make a return on the products built and sold during the training process. To be clear, this will not be a reselling of “misfit toys” moment, but instead, the resell of only the products that have passed the final training schedules and which would normally meet or exceed the once high quality standards that “Made in USA” [Made in Arizona] use to signify. This will allow for the paid training to pay for itself.
NOTE: A return and 10% on that Return does not mean that Arizona tax payers will be taxed to pay for the incentive. It is a return on the investment, and that return will become part of the contract between the parties involved in the OEISP contract.
The formula for manufacturing, assembly and overhead to resell is incredibly simple and should not be as confusing as many economists or businessmen want to portray it. After-all, the economists have steered this nation to ruin and it’s time they rethink their losing approach.
For Example – in manufacturing as paid training:
A group of five Mfg Trainees, five days out of the week earning $2500., ($500 per week each), utilizing raw material delivered on site from US suppliers costing per week $750., ($150 each per five units), retailing per week at $4000., (a low-ball profit of $800 per product sold), allows for over-head with profit, especially when the weekly P/L are multiplied by realistic monthly quotas, considering these numbers are simply rounded and concocted for the sake of explanation. This is figuring that somehow, these five well trained individuals can turn out only ONE product per day, (a USA built television-entertainment center*, for example). Common sense says the production numbers are going to be higher.
*All components for such electronics are available today and allow for Made in USA at a price competitive with made in China, Malaysia, Taiwan , Thailand, Mexico, etc. We have been mislead of these facts for far too long.
Currently, new businesses offering decent paying jobs will not magically come to Arizona, we must bring them in and/or create them from our own base of entrepreneurs. Better paying jobs means more spending in support-business and greatly enhances all areas of tax revenue.
The huge incentive for investors and potential Arizona businesses – who normally keep their wealth circulating rather than held in a bank account earning 2% interest – is simple; developers, new business owners and/or stockholders and those connected to the Omnibus agreements covered herein, will individually become personal-income tax exempt for all new business earnings within the state, (at CEO pay, the incentive increases as will the business, their investment and corporate tax). This is another reason to grow the business.
This method of tax simplification on their actual earnings will open closed doors, cause investors to use personal monies and be more willing to include manufacturing, wholesale, retail and exporting under the same umbrella company. A larger company umbrella means more jobs and more spending which means more taxes for a government to supply services, teacher pay increases, school upkeep, road care, etc., to the public that rules it.
Our Plan is an obvious triumph. No one loses, except those politicians currently taking kick backs or turning a blind eye or casting a vote for certain laws which force small business to fail. Besides, current Pay-to-Play party line political games is a felony offense.


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