Rush to block me? Not so fast…

It appears as if a group does not want me on the ballot here in Arizona. Arizona wants me on the ballot, so it is time to move hard and fast on this one. Because I used an abandoned ballot access in Arizona called Americans Elect (my committee is Americans Elect of Arizona), and due to the fact that the state has never experienced this “non-party” before, I am up against some odds.

Here’s what you can do! Register as an Independent, No Choice, or AEL in Arizona.

Ready to move quickly this next week? Liberty hangs in the balance.

IE. They despise you and me and are loaded for bear… Let’s load for a T-Rex!

ATTENTION: If you are a registered independent/not affiliated with any political party and are on the Permanent Early Voting List (PEVL), please be aware that you will not automatically receive a ballot for the primary election. You must request the ballot you wish to receive.

Please contact your county recorder and request an Americans Elect (AEL) ballot. The deadline to request an early ballot is July 28th, but the sooner you request it the better. Below are links to requesting your early ballot online, where available, or who to contact to request your ballot.

Check the box next to MEALER, JOHN LEWIS


Apache (800) 361-4402 or
Cochise (520) 432-8350 or
Graham (928)792-5037 or
Greenlee (928) 865-2632 or
La Paz (928) 669-6115 or
Maricopa (602) 506-1511
Santa Cruz (520) 375-7990 or
Yuma (928) 373-1014 or

If you are one of those brave souls going to the polls on August 26th, you can also request an Americans Elect (AEL) ballot as you walk in the door!

Cast your vote for John Lewis Mealer and show your support for our campaign as he heads into the general election. Let’s send a message to Arizona and the federal government:

“We want our Liberty back. We’re not asking!”

If you’re registered Libertarian, Support Barry Hess this primary!


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