Personally, being forced to do or buy anything that we neither want nor need is criminal, but this act as done through an antiConstitutional twist in tax collection. Sure, individuals and families needs healthcare insurance, but being forced to buy it (even if we already have it) should roil our blood. Even though, the groups who made this into law and have committed gross malfeasance, fraud, bribery and breach of oath of office along with a few other High Crimes and Misdemeanors, and the ‘statute’ is technically nullified due to the criminal activityLets make it work and put the special interest groups and the corrupt lawmakers in the hot seat. You will love this solution on many levels.

The scope of destruction of the Affordable Health Care Act (ACA) of 2011. is hitting home on both individuals and employers. We are beginning to reap the results of this new Law with unknown rules. Albeit the rules for care are way over rated and actually deadly in many cases, we are going to discuss full coverage for any and all diseases we may encounter or already have. That’s the way Congress and President Obama promised this heap of a law which was written then and is rewritten daily at the whim of the special interest groups who control politicians.

Mealer Care” is a term used facetiously and not in a serious manner.

Rather than waste time fighting a losing battle in court over a federal law that was passed by Congress, Mealer has a defined, easy resolution that will save Arizona tax payers millions right off the top.

Even though no American should ever be forced to buy anythingread what has been easily formulated to make this work for Arizonans.

It is obvious that our country has lost practically any chance of gaining individual fulltime jobs with these huge costs on employers backs. Sure, health insurance is nice, but most businesses will be forced to cut employee hours and push the cost of an insurance policy to the employee who will either fall into the Medicaid andsinglepayersystem, or they will live in poverty working part time.

Underemployment (parttime jobs) actually account for close to 85% of Arizonas workforce once we remove the military and government employees from the equation. The rate climbs ever more drastically when business owners, who are also the workforce for their own enterprise, are removed from the count. Our state will fail in the next halfdecade under current conditions.

Arizona employment levels are at the bottom of the heap, ranked 45th with 7.9%. Of course we know that the 7.9% is actually an incomplete percentage of unemployed Arizonans because so many people have stopped looking for work.

The projected costs of the Affordable Health Care Law (aka Obamacare) runs around $20,000 per year per person, with certain family members covered, so dont misunderstand these numbers, but those rates are ludicrousAnd weve not yet covered the huge deductibles for the more seriouslydesignatedsickindividuals let alone those who are healthy.

With the ACA causing employers to cut their employees hourly work week to thirty hours or less, so they can avoid paying for health insurance at $500 per person (or more), our economy will tank out in 2015 when the law runs full force. Add that to Dodd-Frank, NAFTA and GATT and the pending TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) and free enterprise and America’s wealth is done.

This issue is not only about whether we want to be forced to purchase our own health insurance or be forced to pay a fine. It has everything to do with Arizonas (and Americas) future as a state (and nation) where we actually turn a profit without government mandates running our personal lives.

As Governor; within the first week of taking office, I willofficiallyask all licensed Arizona insurance carriers to consider being the first company to accept ourfree enterpriseproposition to provide a full Seven Million Arizonans with full coverage health insurance at $75 per person, per month (OR the companies can work it out with each other and share). The $75 monthly fee would include a percentage of the funds to be applied to dental insurance as well. Arizona will pay no more than $75 per person.

Let me explain how we can afford to do this…

The offer is already on the table and Insurance companies are planning to step up to close the deal if I make it to office. Either that, or one very smart individual will create his or her own Insurance Company strictly to make this deal.

The first company to accept the offer will have the very large deal of $525 Million per MONTH (7,000,000 x $75) or $6.3 Billion per YEAR. Employers will kick in a portion of the funds and increase the amount if push comes to shove, but Arizona may absorb the employees cost if need be, simply because of our huge kick in taxable revenue from the Omnibus program, our added jobs boost and your spending sprees. The insurance company who takes this deal will not be struggling by any means. All new Arizonans above the 7 mill mark, will wind up paying the same $75 whether the state absorbs the cost or not.

The Mealer Care insurance cap is already adone dealand not just a talking point or hypothetical situation. Sounds incredible, but read how and why this will happen in the next few sentences. This about Government working for the best interest of the people and not vice versa.

The following are facts and logic presented with legal details on issues that neither the IRS, nor the HHS, nor Social Security may want to accept, even though this plan will be saving the federal government billions of dollars from both the Social Security fund and Indian Health Services (IHS) related Treaties.


As a couplewho has worked under US tax guidelinesmaking between them, roughly $88,000 per year will have paid approximately $120,000 in FICA/SECA and Medicare taxes which are placed into the Medicare program. Normally, you would use three times that amount over the retirement era, so the current version of Social Security was actually a decent deal. Until it became bankrupt.

Mealers plan is also about replacing the need for those under Social Security (Medicare) to draw from the funds they have paid intotheir account,” and the funds that future generations will be paying into Social Security, so they may instead apply it to these new insurance payments. We expect to get these retirees a refund and in most cases it will range between $100 to $200 per month. Not bad for someone living on a fixed income and the new insurance coverage will be better. There is more to learn and we must view this from the overall picture.

Those of us who have worked in the US and have paid our FICA and SS taxes, will have paid, by retirement, roughly $60,000 into Medicare coverage. Our insurance costs under Mealers Program will be $900 per year. If we retire at 65 and live another 25 years, we will have paid $18,000. for Mealers Program insurance (whether we bill the feds or not). Over 25 twilightretirement years, this is a difference of over $42,000 in savings for the federal government and Governor Mealer will expect at least a portion of these funds be returned to you. Keep in mind, we will have saved the Federal Government billions of dollars and there should be no problem with a large refund for every Arizona resident who has paid their FICA and SS taxes over the years, regardless of what state they worked in.

Those who have not worked and paid in, will obviously not have the same dollar amount in the federal Social Security coffers and they will not be entitled to anything above what they have paid in.

This same principle applies to health coverage for our Native American neighbors (existing treaty costs are quadrupled at minimum) as to our retirees living under Medicare benefits where their individual care was prepaid should receive a refund* from the federal government. The range of refund should be between $300 to $700 per month (or even more), depending on how the federal Trust Funds apply this approach and whether the Federal Government will adhere to their treaties. The US Government saves Billions of dollars by working this Mealers Program plan out Arizona style versus the very poorly run IHS system.

Military families will also be covered with the choose your doctor health care versus military grade, ‘grind it until you find it’ style of care. No offense to military doctors/dentists, but being honest, the care you offer American soldiers is not top grade. They can do better in the private sector.

*Regarding Medicare and based on FMAP and other new US Codes within the Affordable Health Care Act.

Its all part of the contract you signed up for and Governor Mealer expects to strike up a deal with the federal government under this very simple and cost saving approach and return your funds to you when you need them most. This is most certainly a plan that will be challenged, but we have the Law, common sense and incredible savings for the feds on our side.

Who doesnt want the added cash in their bank account? Or you may return all or a portion of it to the Federal Government and help take care of the huge hole in Social Security.

What this amounts to is placing the special interest Insurance Companies in their place.

We want our Liberty back and we’re not asking.


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