Things politicians ignore…

I am personally writing this page to express to Arizona voters and to all of America that this nation as well as Arizona, has many hard hitting statutes unlawfully created which violate our rights and they must be addressed. jlmealerdebate-o

This is not an attempt to belittle law enforcement or the honest men and women who serve to protect our individual freedoms. Having a wide group of friends in both the military service and our public service in various forms of law enforcement, I can vouch that not all, law enforcement officials work their dangerous jobs with ill-intent towards the public regarding the issues I am now opening for discussion.

What many people do not realize is that somehow a variety of government agencies who have strong ties to specific judges and prosecutors and they are given the (anti Constitutional) ability to make a claim against any private property and then seize that property. These agencies can do this under the much abused forfeiture laws.

This gets scary because it can happen to anyone at anytime, for any reason. If local or federal authorities claim someone whether known or unknown has committed a crime on an expanding list if crimes, in your home or on your property (even rental property) they can seize it. Nationwide, the rule is that law enforcement agencies and the personnel themselves can make 80% or more of the seized assets (with and without any charges or convictions), while the prosecutors in the case receive 20% or more.

rambo2According to the Institute for Justice:

“In Arizona, law enforcement personnel have a strong incentive to seize as much property as they can since they receive 100 percent of the funds raised through civil forfeitures. Even more troublesome, Arizona law enforcement can use forfeiture revenue to pay the direct salaries of personnel.*1- Arizona took advantage of its broad forfeiture statutes by collecting more than $64 million in forfeiture revenue in a mere four-year period (2000-2003). Arizona also received over $35 million in equitable sharing revenue from 2000 to 2008, although these numbers may overlap to some extent, as it is not clear whether equitable sharing revenue was included in responses to freedom of information requests.”
[*1-] Keller, T. & Wright, J. (2004). Policing & prosecuting for profit: Arizona’s civil asset forfeiture laws violate basic due process protections (No. 198). Phoenix, AZ: Goldwater Institute.


Regardless of whether any law enforcement agency is corrupt or acting in the interest of public safety, the Asset Forfeiture Laws must be eradicated or at the very least, contained to only convicted criminals with the basis for forfeiture narrowed greatly.

This discussion is not necessarily about the millions of children and adults who have been trafficked in the slave trade, but another often ignored form of trafficking of the worst kind, government sponsored human trafficking. stallonethompsonsub

While Child Protective Services appears to be a solid agency which helps children and families in need, the truth of this run-away ‘non-elected’ bureaucracy is that they seem to miss the people who really need the help while nabbing children from good homes. When the various state agencies funded by federal monies are working on a list of preferred children (it happens, not always, but it does happen) who are easily adopted, they are also doing their job and taking needy children from abusive homes.

One such case that should be made public, nationwide is the case of the Kayla and Hannah Diegel, sisters who have been kidnapped by the Phoenix Children’s Hospital for what can only amount to research for a rare genetic disorder. Their mother, Melissa Diegel, actually has a court mandated gag order to prevent her from discussing this case. This is one of many cases.

Some people have asked me if these cases are connected to the Affordable Care Act which gives us 11,000 pages of mandatory health care rules and regulations and I have to wonder what exactly is in the connection between the elected-elite, big pharma and medical care. It can’t be an honest association.

Last I heard, Americans own their rights to be healthy or to not be healthy. While the ACA might have some good points, the over-all evil of being forced into anything outweighs the good, 1000 to 1.

In another campaign, a lady told me, “Obamacare is akin to being raped, yet having to pay for it in monthly premiums before, during and after the assault.”

Side note: The ACA creates multiple classes of US Citizens and non citizens and violates the 14th Amendment’s Equal Protection under the law clause. If any elected official had legal standing, they could wipe the law away due to this fact.

The families affected by the all-to-often abusive CPS practices rarely see a courtroom until long after the damage has been done and the children are removed and placed in a juvenile facility as if they are convicts of some sort. We often read reports in the news of foster care givers abusing and killing those children they are paid to foster.

Not all foster parents are bad, but those who are, are very bad usually to the point of murder.

This makes “saving the children” from abusive parents seem like a wasted cause. We can use private company oversight and I can show the country how we can afford that and more.

Simply put, We can and must do better.

Fast forward to the child’s 18th birthday, after years or decades of lower than average education and abuse by secluding them to what can only be called prison cells, many are dropped at the door steps of Homeless Shelters. These are oftentimes the people we see on street corners with signs and the homeless who we try to ignore.

Child Protective Services (known by a variations of names across the country) must have a publicly accessible oversight system. Laws that allow the agency to kidnap children from homes without a court hearing –where the parents are present prior to the act– is a critical part of this type of state sponsored “child protection,” must be removed. The Bill of Rights cannot be ignored at any time and Due Process is a right.

Adult Protective Services and the lack thereof must also have a publicly accessible oversight system. I can guarantee that if I make it to the US Senate, no parent and no child will be taken from a caring home or nabbed out of their own homes when deemed incompetent, and placed into a “care facility.”

I would venture that 70% of these “care facilities” are nothing more than locations where thugs gather to abuse our parents and grandparents, brothers and sister. We see hidden cameras proving the abuse to us everyday in supposed supposedly well staffed retirement homes. The other facilities are usually funded by the state which takes money from the feds to locate and secure those who they deem as unfit to care for themselves. Thus, a quota must be reached because the more people they nab, the more money they make.

*I can name a few very good care homes for adults that actually treat them well.

Again- Oversight groups that are 100% publicly accessible.

Why am I so adamant about these issues?

Look around you. How many people who are homeless or addicted to drugs are from homes broken up by state agencies?

Why not ask a few of them to tell you their story?
Buy them lunch or take them a cup of coffee.

I should also mention that I know many good families destroyed by over zealous quota making CPS styled agencies and I should point out that my veteran father was denied proper care and refused compensation for back injuries received in the Korean War. Then, when he became a bit senile, the Maricopa County sheriff’s department nabbed him and stuffed him in the Mesa Christian Center where they starved him to death in three weeks.

Do I have a problem with the Sheriff’s actions? Not really, they were watching out for his safety, but the people who made the call worked within the “hospice” (he wasn’t sick) they placed him in.

If I am elected to the US Senate, this will never happen to another human being again if I can help it even if it comes down to me taking a phone call from a constituent and I must act personally because the victim requires immediate assistance. I plan to have a dedicated phone line, directly to me, open to the public for just this issue.

One more issue that most politicians ignore and yes, I am referring to Senator McCain and every one of Arizona’s elected representatives, most city mayors and other elected officials is ALLODIAL TITLE:

Allodial Title or private property held in allodium simply means absolute ownership. Think about that for a minute and realize that there are many things in your possession that you do not own according to thousands of anti-Constitutional statutes.

Odd thing is one of those statutes removes your personal ownership to your own health according to the ACA rules.

If you pay re-occurring taxes or fees on an item, any item, including property and automobiles, you do not own them.

Re-occurring taxes… Hmmm… Do you recall the Supreme Court’s “ruling” about the ACA being a tax? No doubt, a lot of elected and appointed officials made a few bucks on that one.

We must remedy these situations one way or another and I will introduce legislation that provides Americans to actually own the many items they purchase just like we’ve always thought we had.

Corruption in the US Government and the various state, city and county governments is so rampant that we need a serious overhaul. Many of those elected to office actually agree and are waiting for my elected office to occur.

“Someone has to work for the people.”
JL Mealer

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
Paid for by the Committee to elect John Lewis Mealer to US Senate


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